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Again, in this application the theory simplifies because of lack of a paternal genetic effect on the fruits (tomatoes are almost purely maternal tissue).

The risk in a theater is that one may be targeted with tomatoes.

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He called this the "aspect graph" or "visual potential" of the tomato.

However, tomato plants had highly elongated and complex canopies that could not be easily measured from either a nadir or horizontal orientation.

In these experiments, excised tomato leaflets with petioles were used instead of leaf discs.

The experiments described here consider the in-uence of three management practices on crop micro-environment, tomato yield, and economic viability.

In the present study, there was a close relationship between seed maturation and factors that influence water status in the placentas of developing tomatoes.

In tomato/cowpea intercropping, all cowpea pods were harvested at maturity and dried to tát a moisture nội dung of 120 g water/kg fresh weight.

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The size of the protein detected in rice grains by the antibody to tát tomato endo-b-mannanase is clearly within the range of those already known.

They learned about weeding, mulching, about the handling of tomatoes, harrowing and about the use of allelopathic effects.

The redness of a tomato, unlike the brightness of the sky, gives no insight to tát us as to tát its physical nature.

For example, organic lettuce, tomatoes and carrots were said to tát have lot more flavor than vãn their conventional counterparts.

The chapter on molecular markers in selection of tomato germplasm has been cleverly written even though markers are used in many other chapters.

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Newly emerged males were individually placed on a single tomato leaflet in a plastic container.

This effect is caused by the generally lower chlorophyll concentrations in healthy lettuce leaves, as compared with healthy tomato and pepper plants.

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