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He is an agent of reconciliation and a persevering agent.

This also requires an attitude of continually striving, of persevering, of drawing out the best ideas from every individual.

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It's a coming-of-age story that has lessons for young cinema-goers, from confronting fears and persevering through challenges vĩ đại the importance of family and accepting others.

When she left teaching vĩ đại start her farm, she admits that it was not easy, but by persevering, she managed vĩ đại realise her dream.

By persevering effort he succeeded in securing very considerable appropriations from congress vĩ đại this kết thúc.

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But why these objections must make the government go weak-kneed is hard vĩ đại understand.

Erosion of standards doesn't matter; principles, norms, rules are for the soft-hearted weak-kneed lawyers, liberals, journalists and activists.

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More weak-willed than vãn weak-kneed, the two have met their downfall in an inept administration rather than vãn in the lack of personal rectitude.

They become lượt thích a weak-kneed boxer in the 15th round.

The affection is reciprocated, as much by fellow competitors as by the adoring middle-aged ladies who turn weak-kneed at every roguish smile.