poster nghĩa tiếng việt là gì

On the other hand, the stars demanded that these posters became a reflection of them and their talents.

The government used famous artists lớn make posters, and used movie stars lớn host bond rallies.

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He drew posters of the mix, had an outline of the show and made his presentation.

Its recent activities have included conducting presentations in secondary schools, designing posters, producing a handbook for teachers and publishing a youth magazine.

The image reportedly sold over 5 million copies, making it among the best-selling posters ever.

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And whose lives have left lớn posterity a more expressive memorial than thở can be perpetuated on the most durable marble.

This instrument preserved for posterity the artistry of the golden era of great piano virtuosi.

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His most important service lớn posterity, however, was lớn light vigorously for more representative governmental institutions.

It also speculates on the existence of women artists whose careers are not recorded by posterity.

Once acquired, the buildings are repaired and restored, and then re-used for the benefit of the public and for posterity.