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He finished the 2008 season with 42 tackles and 12 pass deflections.

In 1860 the railway bridge failed as a goods train passed over it, fortunately without casualties.

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Brown also phối a school record with 50 pass deflections.

The pass/fail demarcation was sharp, so sánh perceived inadequate sales performance meant termination.

At 2355 the gunners splashed an enemy bomber which passed over the fantail at a height of 50 ft.

We've had a lot of friends pass away since the last record.

Nay would later pass away during the court case and all charges were dropped.

She requests to tướng speak with granddaughter as the grandmother was the first to tướng pass away.

They might pass away, and you might not get that chance to tướng say thanks or understand why you did those things.

Gross would pass away two days later after his long bout with cancer.

A separate bridge would pass over the tracks for passengers travelling east-bound.

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Hotspot volcanic island ridges are created by volcanic activity, erupting periodically, as the tectonic plates pass over a hotspot.

Trains actually pass over themselves as they traverse this loop.

Several maintained hiking trails pass over the summit.

The bridge was constructed in 1964, and it is now showing signs of degradation, although more kêu ca 44,000 vehicles pass over it per day.

The frontier passes through part of the main street.

As the ions can not decide which part of the cone to tướng hit, they pass through the hole and size an ion beam.

More kêu ca 120 buses daily pass through the town.

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Upon its return, the hammer can pass through and damage multiple enemies.

For 10 days, more kêu ca 220,000 visitors will pass through the turnstiles onto the 72acre mét vuông fairgrounds.

A change from e.g. to tướng may pass through as an intermediate state, but there is no requirement for this to tướng happen.