overwhelmingly là gì

Even though overwhelmingly working class, it was very different from that class taken in the round.

This overwhelmingly rural population remained almost entirely outside the scope of these assessments.

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Here, performance of trombone, overwhelmingly dominated by men, is forced into an alien context.

In this election, rural voters voted overwhelmingly for the incumbent and urban voters did the opposite.

Usually - overwhelmingly likely, in typical cases - the exact behaviour of the microscopic constituents does ' wash out', and become irrelevant to tướng the macroscopic behaviour.

Naturally, the overwhelmingly white audience, and the critics who saw the show, were not privy to tướng these backstage intrigues.

To take into tài khoản all possible coronal consonants, one must obviously consider (overwhelmingly secondary and tertiary) evidence from many diverse languages.

Instead of cutting benefits or coverage, cost containment has focused overwhelmingly on controlling fees and overall spending.

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Subjects overwhelmingly expressed comfort with the process and desire to tướng continue with therapy.

None of these ethnic groups is overwhelmingly dominant numerically, and so sánh none of their languages prevail as the common language of communication.

Most of the items in the secondary dimension, such as a xế hộp or a telephone, were not overwhelmingly regarded as necessities in 1987.

Overwhelmingly young, talented and grateful for the opportunities the production provided, cast members by and large accommodated themselves to tướng their director's demands.

As has been well documented, this production was overwhelmingly successful.

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Of the two types of possible nomination errors, overnomination was overwhelmingly dominant at 96.2 per cent.

The working parents' survey showed that what professionals and academics usually gọi 'informal care' was overwhelmingly 'grandparent care'.

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