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Trong giờ Anh, có rất nhiều phân kể từ vượt lên trước khứ và thời điểm hiện tại của một kể từ hoàn toàn có thể được sử dụng giống như các tính kể từ. Các ví dụ này hoàn toàn có thể chỉ ra rằng những tính kể từ dùng.

Simultaneously, the lack of an enabling environment constrains the offloading of these functions to tát the private sector.

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In fact, from the perspective of the courts, the governments are definitely the appropriate place for offloading such responsibility: the governments have the capability to tát implement the judgments.

Will this include the possibility of improving facilities for the offloading of oil by pipeline instead of by drums as at present?

The capacity of the dock from the point of view of future shipping developments and offloading processes is far too ambitious.

But it is not practicable that that should be a riverside site for loading and offloading today.

The report suggests the offloading of rail traffic on to tát the roads.

The loading and offloading will be very quick.

Schools should be encouraged to tát discover the latent ability of difficult pupils rather than vãn offloading them.

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He is correct in saying that there are considerable difficulties in offloading liquefied gas carriers.

Many of them also accompanied the stores into the operational area to tát arrange their offloading.

I understand that at one point there were 15 ships in the queue, but only one vessel has faced a prolonged delay in offloading.

There is no reason why, if the local authority is offloading its responsibilities, it should not indemnify tenants against negligence by contractors.

It a myth that xế hộp boot sales are packed with people offloading stolen goods.

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We saw the modern technology for loading and offloading lorries.

I tự not understand how he has escaped that—probably by offloading and transferring written questions.

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