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The excited atom interacts with the vacuum fluctuations which cause the spontaneous emission of radiation.

It is commonly supposed that any explicit numerical method with fixed time-step is destabilized by a sufficiently large velocity of any particular atom.

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The pulse duration may introduce an additional laser-related timescale whereas the energy spectrum of the atom, through typical transitions, could introduce an additional species-related timescale.

Unlike traditional partial deduction, which considers only atoms for partial deduction, conjunctive partial deduction attempts đồ sộ specialize entire conjunctions of atoms.

Excited atoms and electrons are taken as the variables of the system.

The main interest is in characterizing how precisely we can 'bound' the probabilities associated with various atoms.

However, the difference in precision is only for inadmissible atoms.

First, generalisation induces precision loss, even đồ sộ the extent that the generalised atom has a different characteristic tree.

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For definite programs, the consensus amongst these authors is that the minimum model is the meaning (the mix of true atoms).

Random matrix history started in the physics of heavy atoms and multivariate statistics.

To achieve this, we have endowed aggregate atoms with data structures similar đồ sộ those used in rules.

His flowing graphism is not only an elegant record of the physical movement of the artist's hand, but a symbol of the motion of atoms.

Ionization of atoms in an alternating electric field.

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Here they knock out electrons from inner electronic shells of the atoms, producing core holes.

In inter-atomic relations, the fundamental role is held by outer-shell electrons, pertaining đồ sộ the outermost orbital of bonding atoms.

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