người do thái tiếng anh là gì

The 2011 chiến dịch featured a brief timeout for Easter and Passover.

While most vegetables and fruits are automatically kosher for Passover, many processed foods can be made kosher for Passover under proper supervision.

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The cost for foods during Passover is extremely high.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, famous for her legal pen, has now written a short essay for a different occasion: Passover.

For example, Easter and Passover are based on a combination of the solar and lunar calendars.

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The size of the exodus increased during and after the war.

This situation resulted in the mass exodus of its inhabitants.

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The rumored reasoning behind the exodus of many of the original members of the franchise was the team's inability to tát pay its bills or personnel.

This is followed by the exodus of đen thui working-class families.

Search engines got spammed beyond being of any use, and many faced an exodus of users as a result.