littering là gì

And yet cur rent doctrine allows, as a matter of remedial discretion, the sort of severance-by-expansion illustrated by my littering hypothetical.

In addition, the portion of the ordinance following the "even if" is now largely surplusage because it is difficult to tát conceive of circumstances in which littering would constitute incitement.

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However, in the long term bởi we really want 1.4 million graves littering the countryside every year?

Littering the ocean floor, in great abundance, there are manganese nodules.

Diseases must be kept at cất cánh, the landmines littering the area must be cleared and re-housing schemes must be established.

There are other even less attractive things littering the beach, too.

We are trying to tát get rid of the alcoholics and drunks littering up our prisons.

Littering affects our way of life; it is not just an accident in which one is involved.

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The problem of littering in housing in multiple occupation is often severe, but it is sometimes difficult to tát prove precisely who is responsible for it.

A great many people get away completely with minor littering.

The offence of littering requires a person to tát drop, deposit or leave litter.

Is it not simply an extension of that rule that if candidates recklessly dispose of election leaflets, they are littering?

Two people were successfully prosecuted for littering offences on railway stations.

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The littering of these places would, of course, be utterly wrong.

As for our own country, we are littering the world with sánh many broken promises, such as the guarantee of the maintenance of the £ sterling.

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