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Its construction, fencing, dressing rooms, offices, forums, were carried out in stages and by 1930 the stadium ultimately catered for 7,500 spectators.

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There are wheelchair areas in all parts of the stadium, and commentary headsets for visually impaired spectators are available.

The complex included temporary stands for 1,000 spectators, a return canal, gymnasium and boathouse.

The stadium has a capacity to tướng hold about 16,100 spectators, with officially 8,898 places that are seated.

The stadium was able to tướng hold 29,000 spectators at its height; it opened in 1919 and closed in 1960.

We will keep most of the bleacher tickets open for daily sales.

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Upcoming projects in development include upgrading the bleacher seats and upgrading the public address system.

The living room is casual, relaxed; it even has a short flight of bleacher seating for the expansive entertaining the family likes to tướng tự.

On this beautiful summer day, crowds pack the bleacher alongside the lock as though at a baseball game, albeit at an even slower pace.

It is also understood that temporary bleacher seating could be a possibility in the future.

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