just là gì trong tiếng anh

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expand_more chúng ta chỉ trình bày mò mẫm thôi!

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We have just received your fax and can confirm the order as stated.

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Chúng tôi đã nhận được được fax của ông/bà và xin xỏ xác nhận lô hàng như vô fax.

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Just lượt thích other members of the genus, the species have wide shoulders and tuberculated sides of the pronotum, with wrinkled elytron.

He struggled with the script and soon realized it just was not working.

Just by reducing length, complexity, and propositional mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa adults miễn phí up working memory resources.

The two remaining tunnels are visible just south of the freeway and are used by a frontage road.

Much more phàn nàn just a satire of selling techniques, the show also grapples with narcissism, betrayal and obsession.

It's only just now that we're going vĩ đại be able vĩ đại put it vĩ đại the test.

Anyway, let's not get embroiled in politics just now.

However, he's still a big-game, big-time goaltender and at 27 year old, is arguably just now entering his prime.

I am precisely the same frame of mind just now.

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Those two women meeting just now, later phàn nàn they said they would.

It has been reported that memories of high school graduation or early emotional experiences can be just as vivid and clear as flashbulb memories.

The dry branch spaces have no special effect, and function just as any other space.

It theoretically takes an infinite time vĩ đại reach steady state, just as it takes an infinite time vĩ đại reach chemical equilibrium.

Roman art depicts net-men just as often as other types.

Explaining why she began writing poetry sánh late, she said that just as happiness has no history, neither does it write poetry.

I had my hair done, just in case, because it felt really, really important.

And it also ranks you against its other users, just in case you thought this was competition-free.

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Just in case if you are unaware of it...

Just in case you haven't been keeping score, the totals come vĩ đại eight true, five false, and three impossible-to-evaluate.

Still, she made sure vĩ đại inform a friend of her whereabouts, just in case the guy turned out vĩ đại be weird.