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Informally, rule r1 says that a site is up by mặc định, and r2 expresses that if a site is down, then it cannot be queried.

We shall sometimes refer đồ sộ defined constants somewhat informally as programs.

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While this is controversal, many linguists tend đồ sộ use it informally, nonetheless, and then juxtapose their intuited results with dates derived from archaeology.

Women rarely appear at all in the lists of fines for minor offences, which suggests that their misdemeanours were usually dealt with informally.

Several authors have argued for learning mechanisms within particular (typically strongbias) theories on the basis of low sample complexity, at least informally construed.

Informally, the main principle of these operators is based on the separation of the role of positive and negative information.

Although most scientists informally talked of gravity-related ideas, they could not measure gravity exactly.

Previously, money had been borrowed locally and informally, in ways which have not always left traces in historical sources.

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The officers of the group, whose decisions were communicated informally or formally at the annual assembly, conducted all other meetings.

We define this predicate recursively, first informally, then formally.

In addition, during the practice session, all children were judged informally đồ sộ be fluent readers for their age.

Informally, a class specification consists of constructor and method declarations, and assertions, which regulate the behaviour of objects.

Informally, non-interference says that computations that have a low read level tự not depend on values in high security store locations.

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This is illustrated informally in figure (21), which represents the meaning of spraywith.

Then groups of young people played instruments informally, chatted, exchanged, toured the school, played basketball and generally and genuinely interacted.

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