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Chúng tôi vô nằm trong bàng hoàng trước việc đi ra lên đường đột ngột của con cháu / anh / chị...

We were disturbed and saddened by the untimely death of your son/daughter/husband/wife, … .

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Công chúa/Hoàng tử/ Thành viên hoàng gia...

H.R.H. (His/Her Royal Highness)

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First tribe to lớn get it together correctly win rolls of toilet paper, bath essentials and a fully functional outhouse.

Some teachers could not even express themselves fluently or correctly in front of a class, and others spelled words wrongly on the blackboard.

Passwords, or more correctly, the hash of the password, can also be stored in the same place.

Annealing temperatures for each of the primer sets must be optimized to lớn work correctly within a single reaction, and amplicon sizes.

Implemented correctly, this removes the usefulness of the decryption oracle, by preventing an attacker from gaining useful information that he does not already possess.

When he arrives at the place, the guards take him inside the yacht, which is extraordinarily decorated, fit for an empress.

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Her doctors were initially arrested to lớn investigate whether they cared for the empress properly.

He then resolved to lớn create an empress who did not have sons of her own and was kind and gentle.

The court soon began to lớn split, with factions forming behind each empress.

Numerous empress dowagers held regency during the reign of an underage emperor.

Twenty minutes later, after a royal joyride, his highness touched down.

This way passengers vì thế not have to lớn go through the charade of buying an actual ticket and then having to lớn wait around for her highness pleases.

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In behavioural theory, the unconscious is king, but appeals to lớn his highness are never rewarded immediately.

Remember when you are angry that the doctor is late for his appointment and there is another patient angrier/sicker phàn nàn your highness.

The changes in pitch -- the highness or lowness -- occurs when there are changes in the shape of the gap between the vocal cords.