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It's a good day in vertebrate paleontology if we find half a skeleton.

The year năm ngoái was one of the best ever for paleontology.

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His life's work đơn hàng with the taxonomy and distribution of birds, avian paleontology, and zooarchaeology.

In the world of invertebrate paleontology, that doesn't happen often.

He acknowledged that fossils have market value, and being able to tát buy them promotes interest in paleontology.

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The burrows are examples of "trace fossils," which also include tracks and fossilized feces, or coprolites.

Along with this coprolite, nearly 500 others were spotted at the same site.

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At least 22 individual animals were thought to tát be represented by the coprolites.

Mainly local labour was used in shovelling the coprolite from the pit, for washing and sorting.

Feces become coprolites when they are petrified, or when the organic material is replaced with minerals.