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The tốc độ at which the programme has grown is remarkable : from 32,046 farmers in 1995, to lớn 600,632 in 1997, and 2.5 million in 1998.

Consistent with the early papers, we assume that the money supply grows at a constant rate > 1 (or falls, if 1).

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As a consequence, the literature on alternative bounded rationality models for expectation formation and learning processes in economic modeling is growing rapidly.

In recent years each of these groups has been growing numerically and as a social or economic force.

Few people work on the theory, even though the number of users is large and growing.

On a more general level our results contribute to lớn the rapidly growing literature on the effects of political institutions on policy making.

Similarly, in the right-hand plot we show the solution at t = 0.056, where the circular interface has grown from 0.6 to lớn 0.875.

Figure 1(a) shows the population growing linearly through time.

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The scale effect entails that in a growing economy emissions tend to lớn increase (at given emission intensities and a given industrial structure).

An important factor in the discussions was the researchers' growing awareness of the importance of the historical context of protohistoric settlement systems.

A growing toàn thân of evidence suggests that temporal information processing controls many aspects of human behaviour, including language.

Coming here, my children are growing in a dini [religious] mahol [environment].

Although all draft animals can obtain nourishment from grass growing on the sides of roads, horses and mules must receive supplemental grain when working.

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If these inferences from theory are correct, then we would expect that family solidarity should not decline in response to lớn a growing welfare state.

If the motivation to lớn help parents is love, why should a growing level of welfare state spending crowd out family solidarity ?

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