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He was, in spite of himself, genial and good-humored, where he had never seemed sánh to lớn u in class or in his papers.

Genial rehearsal rooms may be pleasant to lớn be in, but they rarely spark significant work in my experience.

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That the sự kiện, if genial, was also a transgressive incursion into a quasi-public space was clear from the women's nervousness.

The word that best sums up these two teachers was 'genial'.

He had seen all his old contacts in mines and power who were most genial.

Most believed that their best defence was to lớn cultivate productive and genial relations with their commissioners, aided wherever possible by friendship and family networks unconnected with work.

Seacole's genial tone and her frequent willingness to lớn cast herself as the object of humor, however, disguise deep anxieties.

The disadvantages are that one gets a typology of groups and strategies without much in depth socio-historical analysis or transnational connectivities or any other conclusion than thở a genial-but very important-ecumenicism.

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Academic charisma flowed not from fame, but rather from one's genial originality, the recognition of which generated one's fame (and thus the cash flow and credit and sánh on).

Our main contention on this mass of orders is that, behind the genial facade of the uprating, there lurks a series of pitfalls.

He is a kindly, genial, good-tempered, humorous fellow: a kindly word, and you may bởi anything with him.

The next day it is sunny, genial and warm.

In a genial endeavour to lớn make a few suggestions, various newspapers have been making a cut at everything from level crossings to lớn porters.

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The fact that it was both assured and genial bodes well for the future.

They had at any rate the consolations of genial companionship and of familiar surroundings.

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