fighting tiếng anh là gì

Furthermore, he felt that the ending fight was petty.

Halibut are strong and fight strenuously when exposed to tướng air.

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The battle takes its name from the aboriginal word for water flowing through creek or gully because of the place where the battle was fought.

He won the fight via technical submission in the second round.

The fight lasted fourteen rounds before being stopped by the police.

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No, the bull-fight is not a sports sự kiện but a ritual whose integrity -- rightly or wrongly -- depends on the courage of both the animal and the man.

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It was the old claim that a bull-fight is a hopelessly lopsided sports contest.

It's lượt thích an airborne bull-fight, between the falconer who swings the prey away in increasingly wide loops, and the hungry falcon bearing down upon him.

Similarly, sports events such as horse race, bull-fight, elephant race, etc., were also organised here.