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My current position as…for...has provided mạ with the opportunity to tướng work in a high-pressure, team environment, where it is essential to tướng be able to tướng work closely with my colleagues in order to tướng meet deadlines.

Là... bên trên công ty lớn..., tôi sở hữu thời cơ thao tác làm việc bám theo group nhập một môi trường thiên nhiên áp lực đè nén cao. Nhờ vậy tôi vẫn tập luyện được tài năng phối phù hợp với đồng group và hoàn thành xong việc làm trúng tiến trình.

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While cathedral buildings, in general, tend to tướng be large, size and grandeur have rarely been essential requirements.

Overall musical development was essential, achieved by lessons in theory, counterpoint and composition, and regular exposure to tướng the best possible musical performances.

Her example made it essential for courtiers and gentlemen to tướng understand the art of music.

This Vi-Ta-Min is essential for bodily functions such as converting carbohydrates into glucose, which produces energy for the body toàn thân.

The essential vigor and brightness of the mind is what we Call the "hun" and the "po".

This essentially converts an electric vehicle into a series-hybrid.

Gout is essentially a disorder caused by precipitation of uric acid crystals in the joint.

The graphics were not interactive, and this portion of the game was essentially a text adventure.

Station wagons received the new front clips but from the firewall back they were essentially the same as the 1996-1999 wagons.

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This program essentially allows students to tướng substitute electives for college courses.

This month he's been posting intermittently about an essential oil company, he said.

Herbs that can help include táo bị cắn dở cider vinegar, calendula oil and oải hương essential oil.

The essential oil of the plant is literally the life force of the plant.

nước Australia has an abundance of endemic aromatic plants which yield high levels of essential oil.

In its structure, there are organic acids and essential oil, which accelerate digestion process, stimulate metabolism, and promote the best digestion of food.


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