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It measures 45m in diameter and sits within a ditch; a break in the ditch on the east may indicate the original entrance.

Electron microscope showed the red-brown khuông as having long, parallel nanorods with a diameter between 0.34 nm and 0.47 nm.

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Women are less susceptible lớn these tears because of larger tendon-to-muscle diameter, greater muscular elasticity, and less energetic injuries.

The placement of the epaulette, its color and the length and diameter of its bullion fringe are used lớn signify the wearer's rank.

The high-pressure cylinder was 12 inches in diameter and the low-pressure cylinder 24 inches, with both having a stroke of 4 feet.

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Module is a direct dimension, whereas diametral pitch is an inverse dimension (like threads per inch).

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A radially-aligned line with arrowhead pointing lớn the circular feature, called a "leader", is used in conjunction with both diametral and radial dimensions.

Its value is based on the number of teeth, the normal module (or normal diametral pitch), and the helix angle.

Sizes of circular features are indicated using either diametral or radial dimensions.