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However, the bulk is displayed in a series of four gilded and painted galleries surrounding a courtyard.

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The office of the factory displays many trophies.

The codes for formatting and locating text are displayed, interspersed with tags and the occasional objects, with the tags and objects represented by named tokens.

They are followed by a (non-competing) display by the host company.

The name of the store is painted on both outside walls and displayed prominently in the front between the two stories.

The same goes for Super LCD, a brand name for Sony's specific makeup of a liquid crystal display.

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The sale of liquid crystal display (LCD) TV sets currently makes up the bulk of Toshiba's revenue in the Philippines.

File photo of a Sharp 65-inch prototype liquid crystal display panel TV.

Leveraging Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) technology, instead of the much more commonplace Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), the Vita's screen is incredible looking.

Quite unremarkable in terms of specs, it had a tiny monochrome liquid crystal display, silver-tipped keys and T9 predictive text.

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