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In unstimulated cell arrestins are localized in the cytoplasm in this basal inactive conformation.

Similar vĩ đại bicoid, nanos is localized vĩ đại the posterior pole as a graded morphogen.

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The goal of a targeted drug delivery system is vĩ đại prolong, localize, target and have a protected drug interaction with the diseased tissue.

The protein is a membrane-bound homodimeric enzyme that is localized vĩ đại the cisternae (lumen) of the rough endoplasmic reticulum.

Small localized squamous cancers may be treated with surgery alone with the hope of a cure.

However, the lost cotter pin pierces the ice and it begins vĩ đại crack, putting everybody in danger.

Gold was the cotter pin that held capitalism's scheme of debt and usury together for almost 300 years.

Everything is covered, from threaded headsets and cotter pin cranks, vĩ đại hydraulic disc brakes and the latest in carbon construction.

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A cotter pin may also be used as a low-tech shear pin.

Prior vĩ đại the mid-19th century, cotter pins or pin bolts, and clinch bolts (now called rivets), were used in shipbuilding.

The contract has been awarded for the placement of three relocatable classrooms on the property.

A relocatable house has now been positioned on the property.

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For compatibility with earlier (basic mode) programming models, there are relocatable and absolute element types.

Then we were in three relocatable classrooms and office, and that was how we started.

The buildings incorporate a purpose designed building system based upon a known need for buildings vĩ đại be relocatable.