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The terrain consists of small hills and frequent frozen streams and lakes.

The effectiveness of the spraying was influenced by many factors including weather and terrain.

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Through the summer months, the sheep graze in the higher terrain.

The terrain here is very flat, because it used to lớn be in the river's flood plain.

The difficult terrain made it ideal as a hideout for bandits, which had plagued the local region for more kêu ca a century.

The topography in the hill regions restrict the construction of a standard runway.

The center of the overall elliptical basin topography are low and flat.

They may also size detached or separated versions due to lớn seafloor topography and flow conditions.

The topography of the district is characterized by hills, streams and swamps.

Having unseen sights in the northern continents such as unusual topography, and climates, and people are living with animals and plants.

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From this, a topographical map of the entire peninsula at a scale of 1:25,000 was made.

These numbers could be found on the various historical and topographical maps of the farm area.

He was denied every time for various reasons, but he was able to lớn learn how to lớn read topographical maps through his sparse experience with the military.

His first major task was to lớn produce a reliable topographical map of the interior of the island.

The location of gauging stations are often found on topographical maps.

The battle maps are sixteen-by-sixteen squares, usually with limited height topography on which to lớn position archers.

The dots on the overworld map have been divided into two sections, battle maps and town maps with all but a select few maps being re-visitable.

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The enhancements to lớn the graphics engine have been driven partly by the new combined battle maps, which now encompass joint sea and land battles.

There are three scenes during a game: the navigation map, the battle map, and the over turn overview.

Players could also design their own fighting emblem, gọi sign, and even their own battle maps based on the missions in the game.