cướp tiếng anh là gì

The robbers are immediately pulled over by the police and their vehicle is searched.

This has advantages both for ngân hàng robbers and for the law enforcement community.

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The foremost robbers jump in clothes and all and strike out for the opposite ngân hàng.

They often inhabit great tombs or temple complexes, destroying would-be grave robbers.

This title of accessory was also extended to tát any persons who receive, entertain, or conceal any such pirate or robber.

No money was taken and the robbers fled by siêu xe.

These were highly prized in ancient times and were a prime target for robbers.

There are both primary and secondary nectar robbers.

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He said that we always wanted to tát be a couple of robbers in that, so sánh that might be where the idea came from.

Such banks are highly profitable targets for ngân hàng robbers who are then afforded a number of potential escape routes.

The crimes were evidently not conducted as robberies, as the criminal never removed items from his victims' homes.

The robbery rate is more than vãn trăng tròn times the national rate (79 per 100,000 residents).

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At the late 19th century the castle was almost completely abandoned, and was victim of robberies.

The drive took about six hours, but the plan required them to tát wait until the afternoon to tát commit the robbery.

The ngân hàng operated up until 1932 when it closed following a robbery.