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Trong giờ Anh, có khá nhiều phân kể từ quá khứ và lúc này của một kể từ hoàn toàn có thể được sử dụng tựa như những tính kể từ. Các ví dụ này hoàn toàn có thể chỉ ra rằng những tính kể từ dùng.

This is more about whose history is being constructed and told, and how causation is attributed.

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It was constructed with a rectangular steel section structure, timber frame and asbestos-cement sheet cladding.

Symbolic meanings are constructed through historical traditions, articulated contextually and reproduced only in practice.

The constructed symbolic matrix system and the -graph system are said to tát be canonical for the subshift.

Thus, instead of being a mere system mô tả tìm kiếm, an appropriately constructed dynamic model can greatly facilitate and guide the control design.

Treatment solutions are typically constructed with combinations of complementary therapies, or combinations of complementary therapies and orthodox health services.

And if the criteria vary, why would the understanding constructed from those situations not vary also?

Postprocessual writers might have wanted to tát argue that the interpreted past was socially constructed and that it was informed by evidence.

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Variance forecasts for prices are constructed in the following way.

Artificial mouths are specifically constructed to tát mimic the situation in the oral cavity.

Then, (finite) minimizing sequences extending from t0 to tát t are constructed for these different initial conditions.

Monocular observation through a physical or even notional intersecting plane is thus conceived as relatively 'constructed' by the geometric formula.

These regions are constructed by an individual's judgement of similarity of consequences.

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Once this is constructed, resolving the tìm kiếm induced by the goal specification, the constructed premise will provide an antecedent for a following pronominal.

The truth-values of first-order ethical statements thus depend on biological facts about how people are constructed.

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