confidence là gì

She was also fascinated by his fearless attitude đồ sộ life, his confidence in the face of difficulties, and the force of his political convictions.

In front of the camera he is the epitome of exuberance and confidence, conveying a lot of energy, enthusiasm and commitment towards his work.

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They also provide one method of constructing confidence intervals, and the use of pivotal quantities improves performance of the bootstrap.

The aim is đồ sộ enable every child with high learning potential đồ sộ grow in confidence, thrive and achieve fulfilment.

The director moves his narration deftly and with confidence.

The confidants' primary function is đồ sộ obviate the need for monologues.

Lastly, the monarch plays a very large but completely unofficial role in the running of the country as advisor and confidant đồ sộ the government.

He was not only his disciple, but also his confidant and confessor.

He had always been my greatest inspiration, my wisest confidant, my biggest người hâm mộ, and my best friend.

The person in the role of counsellor acts a facilitator đồ sộ the client, sometimes as third-party observer and sometimes as second-party confidant.

They confide in the main character that they have signed mysterious contracts for a long, lucrative tour of private gigs.

He displayed a romantic readiness which shone through his best prose, prose at once picturesque, gently informative, extroverted (yet self-engaged), and personally confiding.

This was over months and months that he was talking đồ sộ má and confiding in má.

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They forget that in time of danger, in the face of the enemy, they must trust and confide in each other, or perish...

When love arrives in the shape of a beautiful young art student, he needs someone đồ sộ confide in.

He notices she has transformed into a confident and mature young woman.

At 6ft4 in he was confident and charismatic and developed strong debating skills.

They will be given time đồ sộ develop their speaking and listening skills and đồ sộ become confident in their reading and writing abilities.

He is confident, trustworthy and likes đồ sộ seize the day.

She is portrayed as a kind and supportive woman, often assuring her husband and her lady đồ sộ be confident đồ sộ themselves.

Nevertheless, see if you can confide in a trustworthy friend or family thành viên about what's been ví frustrating for you.

She says he was unable đồ sộ confide in his wife, a former chorus girl who had little understanding of the demands of a military life.

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I learned not đồ sộ confide in certain people - there were sharks in the water.

Luckily she finds one adult she can confide in as she is suffering from depression.

Women, in contrast, tend đồ sộ have close friends who they confide in, and whom they can turn đồ sộ for tư vấn.