cỏ trong tiếng anh đọc là gì

Most of the rest is grassland, rough grazing, or woodland.

Areas with clay-based soils tended to tướng remain as woodland whilst the limestone areas provided grassland for pasture.

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Deserts, forests, rain forests, plains, grasslands, and other areas including the most developed urban sites, all have distinct forms of wildlife.

It is also a meeting area for people involved with wildland firefighting and helps in the preservation of national forests and grasslands.

It is a steep east facing woodland, which is surrounded by permanent grassland.

A herbivorous animal such as a horse then eats the substrate, unknowingly consuming the sporangium as well.

Tadpoles are typically herbivorous, feeding mostly on algae, including diatoms filtered from the water through the gills.

Alkaloid production in plants appeared to tướng have evolved in response to tướng feeding by herbivorous animals; however, some animals have evolved the ability to tướng detoxify alkaloids.

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Additionally, herbivorous lizards often possess a fleshy tongue, which is used to tướng manipulate food in the mouth.

He described the animal as in all probability, herbivorous.

The area of the jfalu farmstead was 2721 acres, out of which 2100 acres were ploughland, 417 acres meadow and 204 acres pasture.

Today the peninsula is a mix of habitatsopen meadow, riparian and upland forest, wetlands and extensive vernal ponds.

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Meadow voles dig shallow burrows, and in burrows, nests are constructed in enlarged chambers.

Together they would wade into marshes and secluded meadows that can be found in the great hardwood forests that still remain.

It is made-up of a number of ancient, unimproved meadows and the old ridge and furrow remains visible.