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After haemofiltration, which probably eliminated the excessive amount of triiodothyronine, cardiovascular as well as renal functions returned vĩ đại normal.

The implications of such findings is that by changing the communication patterns between spouses, the rate of cardiovascular diseases could perhaps be reduced.

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Much evidence for stroke prevention comes from the modification of cardiovascular risks, particularly blood-pressure lowering.

In 128 middle-aged patients treated with medication for 5 years for moderately elevated blood pressure, it is possible vĩ đại avoid cardiovascular disease in one individual.

A detailed review of potential cardiac complications related vĩ đại cardiovascular and haemodynamic adaptations vĩ đại pregnancy are reviewed.

These therapeutic areas include cardiovascular disease, oncology, metabolic disorders (diabetes), central nervous system disorders (depression, anxiety, stroke, schizophrenia), antivirals/antiinfectives and pain.

He underwent cardiac catheterization and cardiovascular malformations could be excluded.

A right-toleft shunt at the atrial level was present, and concomitant cardiovascular malformations were excluded.

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If the asphyxial exposure persists, a threshold of cardiovascular decompensation occurs.

Low et al.4 looked at complications occurring in three groups of newborns with reference vĩ đại the cardiovascular, respiratory, renal and central nervous systems.

This study explores the a priori hypothesis of a prospective association between cardiovascular disease or its risk factors and incident depressive symptoms.

The study population excluded children with birth weights below 2.5 kilogam, recognizable syndromes of congenital anomalies, previous cardiac surgery, or associated cardiovascular anomalies.

The association of variables such as the increase in blood pressure and decrease in baroreflex function in the elderly are possible indicators of cardiovascular morbidity.

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Controversies surrounding the use of beta-blockers in older patients with cardiovascular disease.

Other drugs may affect the cardiovascular responses such as beta-blockers or diuretics (volume depletion).

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