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Các ví dụ của nature reserve

nature reserve

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Perhaps they would have lớn cease lớn be farmers and become guides lớn some size of nature reserve.

One therefore has lớn get agreement from a number of people before a nature reserve can be established.

There is a heritage walk, which is a glorified footpath, right through the middle of my local nature reserve.

The declaration of national nature reserve is at the heart of the agencies' statutory responsibilities.

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How can a marine nature reserve work effectively without the willing co-operation of local fishermen and others?

Many people hoped that that area, which is a valuable nature reserve, might again become available lớn the public.

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According lớn the developers, that was a nature reserve.

Many of these representations have centred round the future management of the lough, rather kêu ca the designation of the marine nature reserve itself.

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