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I hope my case has influenced the army.

The basic unit of the field army was the regiment, "legiones" or "auxilia" for infantry and "vexellationes" for cavalry.

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They were called into being by the needs of a war frontier, by a society that could not afford a regular army.

He joined the republican army as a volunteer in 1799.

Another is conflicted between joining an elite group in the army lượt thích his older brothers and joining the army band lượt thích his new girlfriend.

He's an army hero, a business success, a patriot who says what people think about the peace process.

There is no equivalence in the army rank within the defense forces and the police forces since there is no government established relatively in terms of rank.

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His command was intended solely to tướng prevent individual excesses which could damage discipline within army ranks, without changing the extermination intentions of the order.

Army ranks were once again abolished.

The rank is equal to tướng the army rank of colonel.

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This rank has generally been replaced in army ranks by second lieutenant.

A routed army often disintegrates into of every man for himself or as the survivors flee for safety.

A routed army often disintegrates into...