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I am afraid I must ask you đồ sộ alter my booking from…to…

Tôi e rằng tôi cần phiền ông/bà dời lịch bịa đặt chỗ/đặt chống của tôi kể từ... thanh lịch...

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This was again altered đồ sộ become a library in 1982.

Later the images were altered with photoshop đồ sộ cover up bad skin and other flaws.

The scale includes both altered ninths (raised and lowered), and both altered fifths (raised and lowered).

One of the main questions the film raises is whether the future is phối or whether không tính tiền will can alter the future.

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This may enhance the emission and alter the nature of the temperature dependence.

Most of the railroad was rebuilt, but with many alterations đồ sộ the surviving structures.

This unusual alteration đồ sộ the otherwise relatively featureless great plains presents a unique habitat that fosters numerous plant and animal species.

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No major alterations have been made đồ sộ the church since.

Shaving lines in eyebrows is another cosmetic alteration, more common among younger people in the 1990s and 2000s.

However, it has become apparent that cancer is also driven by epigenetic alterations.